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Dear Viewers,
What began as a young kid Intent, from 11 years of age to transform the quality of his life, to be top-notch trainer and Transformational Speaker has grown into Prawin journey as he is called on by leaders from every walk of life:- Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, CEOs, Psychologists, Businessmen, Teachers, and Parents.

Prawin is a Myth-Breaker  who loves to venture the unknown, take risks.
He is a New-age Transformational Leader  who is eager to Learn from each circumstances of life, of not just his own however through others’ life too. This makes his Perception expand every moment and be open-minded. He loves to ask questions, yes Powerful Questions!

Some people say Prawin is a Source to achieve your Outcome and reach your Destination. He believes in excellence rather than perfection which hinder progress. Excellence is a Habit; Perfection is an act. When you have a habit of excellence, you keep developing yourself daily which is a process to reach your Destination.
Since more than a decade, Prawin’s  interest in Success Literature, Leadership, Neuroscience, Success Psychology, Psychorientology, NLP {Neuro Linguistic Programming}, Mind Programming, Motivation, Self-Transformation and Self-Development has taken him to great understanding and knowledge of:

  1. Human Magnetic Personality,
  2. Right Attitude [© "Do you have the Attitude to Survive against Cancer?"]
  3. Sub-Conscious Mind [“The Unlimited Powerful Mind”  ]
  4. Intuition Development [©“Be the iMan”  ]
  5. Body Language [55% of your Communication happens via your Physiology]
  6. People Skills [© “People are Business”  ]
  7. Emotional Fitness [© “Emotions cannot be Controlled however can be Managed”  ]
  8. Developing Memory Skills
  9. Entrepreneurship [© “Entrepreneurs are Self-Made to Explore”  ]
  10. Leadership [©“Leaders are Self-Made”  ]

Note: The above Statements are copyrights of Prawin Parakh in 2014 under certificate number 14503.

Prawin Parakh  is an Expert Inspirational, Life and Success Coach & Leader for every age group, Businessmen, Corporate Executives, Employees, Students, Networkers, Sportsmen and for all who wish everlasting Success, Happiness, Peace and Personal Growth.
He helps people to transform their belief & thought pattern, experience happiness and more success in their lives through better communication, verifying one’s values, unleashing one’s hidden potential and use them correctly, and how to be self-motivated.

Prawin underlines the root cause. For him, when someone asked “whether the glass is half full or half empty?” He said: Glass is always full; half by water and the other half by Air

 Heartly Thanks for being in my world and website.


SUCCESS is built upon Failure. WHY???

  • To know your Willpower to Succeed.
  • To Build your Attitude.
  • To make you Assertive
  • To know its intrinsic worth/Value.
  • To provide strong Foundation.
  • As stepping-stone
  • Your tendency to adapt Negatives.
  • To build Hard-core Confidence.

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